Additions and Remodelings in the Castle Web

The first update in a very long time.  Added what I've compiled so far for 3.5 Dungeions & Dragons Feats.

Added an award wall to the library.

Officially forwarded all deathrock pages to its new site. Have fun with learning about the deaths of some popular bards!

Updated some outdated links. apparenlty now longer exists so the Labyrinth link doesn't work. Will look for it. Apparently the Book of Kells is no longer being displayed at the Trinity College site (they're trying to sell a CD). I'll see if I can find an online version of it. My fencing link seems to be down again, I'll have to find a new one.

Did some more work with stylesheets to make it easier to get a uniform look.

Rather late getting the Christmas music link in the conservatory

Changed link to the Superman homepage in the library.

Removed link to the Golden Age annotations page in the Comics page. The page has disappeared, I haven't found a new one. Any help would be appreciated!

Changed to link for how to make chainmail in the armory. (Thanks Sara T. for letting me know the new link!).

Changed the deathrock link to its new site. We're no longer the host, but there will be an outdated copy here for a while.

Removed the Christmas music from the conservatory (yeah, I know, kinda late, but I was out of town for a while).

Added the annual Christmas music review to the conservatory

Cleaned up broken links (Yes I need to get some more work done here. I just don't seem to have the time or desire lately).

Changed some links that disappeared

Added links to the Sci-Fi Channel and it's Sliders page in the Magic Picture Room

Closed the holiday version of the conservatory

'Tis the season to do the annual review of Christmas music in the conservatory

Added the following to the comics page

Nothing major. Just a reworking of my Quest for the Grail page. I'm also starting to add some homebrew cards.

Added Sir Micheal Woodall to the Conservatory and the Wizard of Links

Made new additions to the Quest for the Grail Concordance

Added links to HERO Games, Steve Jackson Games main websites as well as to their In Nomine game and my own project of creating an In Nomine Timeline to the gameroom

Cleaning up links that have disappeared. Minor rewrites in some areas.

Made additions to the Quest for the Grail Concordance

The link to Susan's Faire Page on the Renaissance Festival Page has been removed since the link/server seems to have disapeared.

Finally got around to adding my thoughts on the Arizona Renaissance Festival on the Renaissance Festival Page

Deck Games has moved to a new site, so I changed the link in the Gameroom

Added links to fellow knights Sir Jason Rickert and Sir Jeffrey Moeller in the Wizard's link room

Removed the random link from the main hall; it seems to have disappeared.

Removed the Christmas music references from the Conservatory. Look for them again next Christmas.

Change the celtic link in the library to Every Celtic Thing on the Net

Changed the Superman link in the library since the old one disappeared.

I've also explained a problem I've had with Susan's Faire Page link in my Renaissance Festival page.

Fixed a problem in the rpg section of the gameroom. Also removed some links that weren't really RPG related.

I've joined the ranks of SafeSurf. Why don't you?

The conservatory has been decked out with my annual review of Christmas music. This year with sound samples.

Replaced an outdated Dr. Who link with Nitro 9's Dr. Who page

Added a sample of Seize the Day by Carolyn Arends in au format to the conservatory

Updated the link to Morris dancers and Fencing in the Renaissance festival page.

The move to the new site is completed. Updated many links and found some that have disappeared. I'm working on getting new ones there.

Created my own Quest for the Grail page. This page includes many interesting things about the game including my own concordance of the game cards.

Did some reorganizing of the files. There is no functional difference in the looks of the pages. Added a link to Arms & Armor's homepage in the armory.

Made some changes to the game room (mostly removing links that no longer work) as well as to the Illuminati: NWO page (Some Assassins info).

Removed the Christmas stuff from the conservatory

Johann's comics page has disappeared, so I removed it's link from the comics page.

An alchemist has been employed. Having an alchemist was one of the in things in the Middle Ages.

Deck Games has moved without warning, so I've changed the link.

The Gameroom has some minor text changes in the card game section.

I finally got a working counter. Now I'll now how many visitors come to the castle!

There's a Christmas theme in the conservatory. Come listen.

Deck Games went to a netscape enhanced front page, so I added their Non-Netscape page to make things easier.

I've added a biography page, so you can get to know me better.

The acm page has been moved to it's own site. Please make note of this.

I've built the armory. This has some pretty cool links, so check it out.

This is also the temporary site for the homepage of the student chapter of the acm. This will be removed once a more permanent site is chosen.

There seemed to be a problem with the site that determines how many visitors there were to the castle, so I removed it.

Some modifications made to the Redemption page.

In the game room added a link to my own Redemption page.

In the game room added links to the Adventures Club online and The INWO Deck of the Week on the Illuminati: NWO page

Added a link to a cool Superman site in the library.

Added a link to The Book of Kells on the medieval history page.

Finished the navigation tools. I standardized these as well and standardized the wording that will appear on text browsers.

Changed the Weather Wizard to the Wizard of Links which is more in keeping with her function of a link holder.

Added a counter to the castle (thanks Jeff M.). Now I'll know how many people come to visit.

Added a Magic door that takes you to a random location.

Getting some navigational aides into the various rooms so that you don't have to go back to the Main Hall to get to another room.

I've finally found a castle gif that works on the page

The dungeons has been added to the castle.

The Royal Falconer has been added to the castle.

The Herald has taken up residence, so the link in Medieval history has been changed. With this, I replaced the old link with a better one.

A link to some King Arthur stuff has been added to the Medieval history page.

As of this date, I'm still trying to figure out why the gif on the main page does not work. I know there's a problem, and I am working on it.

The English Server link in medieval history seems to be down, so I removed the link.

Since the SCA maintains many files on medieval history and the link I had to a specific file is down, I removed the link.

The original link to I had to the Morris dancers seems to be down, so I put in a new one

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The What's New page was written on 05/30/95 by Jeff Schultz