Sir Jeffrey's Alchemist

As you enter this room, you notice that it is cluttered with books and equipment that allow the person working here to perform various alchemical experiments. At one particular bench, you see the alchemist working on his pet project; the search of the Elixir of Life (an elixir that will give the user a perfect body both physical and spiritual). Currently, he's looking at incorporating genetic algorithms to find one. (Genetic algorithms get their inspiration from Darwin's Theory of Evolution (a bogus theory in my opinion, but try telling that to our "enlightened" alchemist)).

A few months ago, he tried building an intelligent golem by giving it artificial intelligence; the less said about that experiment the better!!! (The thing couldn't find its way across an open field, much less around a crowded room.)

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The alchemist came aboard on 12/15/95 by order of Jeff Schultz