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Black Belt Test Pictures

On this day, May 13th, 2006, two people attempt to complete their journey to black belt, by taking a test.  This is a chronicle in pictures of that event.   Click on a small image to view a larger image.  Note these are really large pictures.  (Special thanks to Amy, wife of Brent one of our ukes and AFKA student, for taking pictures during the test.)


The judges' station

The school's logo

Angelica -- the other testee

Anthony -- one of the ukes

Ron & Michael -- two of the ukes     

Angelica, Anthony, Michael, me, & Brent

Another picture of us

Mr. & Mrs. Anderson -- two of the judges

The Test

Trying to front kick Mr. Anderson hard

Back falls

Side falls

Side fall -- the other way

Front break fall

Either a front roll or rolling out of a back fall

Probably the free fall

Yeah, that's the free fall alright

This next group of pictures is during the kata (forms) portion of the test of which there were 10 katas



On to Judo!  (Ron is my uke in  this portion of the test)

Although Brent substituted for this particular move

Kase Gatame

Ron trying to get out (i.e. Judo grappling)



Choke holds!  Hey Anthony!

Scheduled break!

Self defenses  Anthony is my uke in this portion of the test






This is the self defense my knee goes out on

I landed wrong while executing a turn

Getting all iced up!

Angelica all alone on the mat :(


Temporary Belt Awards

The official belts are not in yet, but since we passed we were awarded a temporary belt Monday night after class.  Pictures in this section were taken by June (another AFKA student).

Angelica getting her belt

Me getting my belt

Pictures afterwards

Kind of hard seeing the black belt with the black gi, isn't it?

Official Belt Ceremony

Pictures to come...this will be sometime in June