The Conservatory in The Castle Web

The conservatory is a rather small but functional room. There are instruments of all types lying neatly around. In the corner, you notice a few minstrels (one looks amazingly like Michael W. Smith) practicing the music Sir Jeffrey likes to hear. Sometimes it's Classical; sometimes it's Contemporary Christian Music And if you listen very closely you can hear Carolyn Arends singing "Sieze the Day (.au file)." (unfortunately I no longer have the space to store these samples, sorry visitors)

Sir Michael Woodall's graveyard seems to be floating in the ether at the moment.  I'll see if I can find out what's up.
Sadly, the Rock 'n' Roll graveyard has become mobile, prompting Sir Michael Woodall to pursue it and keep it safe from graverobbers. (hey, that last word reminds me of an old Petra song.)

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The conservatory was built on 5/14/95 by Jeff Schultz