Name Type Source

Silencing Strike Racial RoS

Silent Spell General PHB 3.5

Simple Weapon Proficiency General PHB 3.5

Skill Focus General PHB 3.5

Snatch General MM 3.5

Snatch Arrows General PHB 3.5

Soul of the North General CAr

Spectral Strike Divine CD

Spell Focus General PHB 3.5

Spell Focus (Chaos, Evil, Good, or Law) General CD

Spell Focus (Good) General BoED

Spell Hand General CAr

Spell Mastery General PHB 3.5

Spell Penetration General PHB 3.5

Spellrazor Weapon Style RoS

Spinning Halberd Weapon Style CW

Spirited Charge General PHB 3.5

Split Ray Metamagic CAr

Spontaneous Healer General CD

Spontaneous Summoner General CD

Spontaneous Wounder General CD

Spring Attack General PHB 3.5

Steady Concentration General RoS

Steady Mountaineer General RoS

Stealthy General PHB 3.5

Stigmata Exalted BoED

Still Spell Metamagic PHB 3.5

Stone Form Wild RoS

Stone Rage General RoS

Stoneback General RoS

Stunning Fist General PHB 3.5

Subduing Strike General BoED

Sudden Empower Metamagic CAr

Sudden Extend Metamagic CAr

Sudden Maximize Metamagic CAr

Sudden Quicken Metamagic CAr

Sudden Silent Metamagic CAr

Sudden Still Metamagic CAr

Sudden Widen Metamagic CAr

Sun School Tactical CW

Swarmfighting General CW

Swim Like a Fish Wild CD

Thrall to Demon Vile BoVD

Three Mountains Weapon Style CW

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