Name Type Source

Chain Spell Metamagic CAr

Cheetah's Speed Wild CD

Clan Prestige Racial RoS

Cleave General PHB 3.5

Clever Wrestling General CW

Close-Quarters Fighting General CW

Combat Archery Epic CW

Combat Brute Tactical CW

Combat Casting General PHB 3.5

Combat Expertise General PHB 3.5

Combat Insight Epic CW

Combat Reflexes General PHB 3.5

Communicator General CAr

Consecrate Spell Metamagic CD

Consecrate Spell Metamagic BoED

Consecrate Spell Trigger Exalted BoED

Consecrate Spell-Like Ability General BoED

Cooperative Spell Metamagic CAr

Corrupt Spell Metamagic BoVD

Corrupt Spell Metamagic CD

Corrupt Spell-Like Ability General BoVD

Craft Construct Item Creation MM 3.5

Craft Contingent Spell Item Creation CAr

Craft Magic Arms and Armor Item Creation PHB 3.5

Craft Rod Item Creation PHB 3.5

Craft Rune Circle Item Creation RoS

Craft Staff Item Creation PHB 3.5

Craft Wand Item Creation PHB 3.5

Craft Wondrous Item Item Creation PHB 3.5

Crescent Moon Weapon Style CW

Damage Reduction Epic CW

Dark Speech Vile BoVD

Dash General CW

Deceitful General PHB 3.5

Deep Vision Psionic RoS

Defensive Strike General CW

Defensive Throw General CW

Deflect Arrows General PHB 3.5

Deflective Armor Psionic RoS

Deformity (Clawed Hands) Vile BoVD

Deformity (Eyes) Vile BoVD

Deformity (Face) Vile BoVD

Deformity (Gaunt) Vile BoVD

Deformity (Obese) Vile BoVD

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