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Wow!  It's been quite some time since this website has been updated.  Well hopefully there will be more frequent updates with a move to a new domain (www.castle-web.com).  Needless to say, this site is now officially under construction, as I check for broken links and hopefully get some more of my personal projects uploaded.  Anyway, I'm still here!  The castle on the moors has been moved yet again, and hopefully you'll be hearing more from me.  In the meantime, why not check out Arizona Family Karate Academy?  It's where I'm spending a lot of my free time  for the last 6+ years.

You have entered the Main Hall in the Castle Web. Castle Web is the refuge for Sir Jeffrey of Web (Jeff Schultz, Computer Science graduate in real life). Feel free to look around.

This is the Castle's home for the time being (I may move yet again when I get a system at home). The Castle was originally located at St. Cloud State University where I was a Computer Science student for five years. I'm in the work world now, and it's great not being a poor college student.

I've done some remodeling on 07/28/01 so check out What's new

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There are several rooms in the castle to check out. You can go to:

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