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Hey! Welcome to my semi-regular blog. I'll let y'all know what's going on with me within this page. Please note that any link I give is good on the day I made the entry. I will not attempt to keep any links up-to-date on this page (links are really a tenuous thing on the Web -- just look how many times this page has moved in the last 10+ years).

February 22, 2007

Hey!  Went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival last weekend and got some great pictures!

October 3, 2006

Man!  Has it really been that long since my lat update?  Sorry folks, I didn't realize!

Life's been hectic lately.  About two weeks ago I got into a car accident which, unfortunately, was my fault.  Long story sthort: the Cavalier was totaled.  So, I suddenly found myself needing a new car!  Lucky me....American Express employees get special discounts at Ford and GM dealers.  Car buying is a breeze now; just search the internet, find a price you like, go in pick up car (I did that with the Cavalier, too).  Although I don't have the car yet......there weren't any in state of the model I wanted with all the options I wanted.  So it was shipped from out of state and was supposed to have been here today, but it wasn't.  But I got all the paperwork signed, and I got a loaner.  I should be able to pick it up tomorrow!  Huzzah!  I do find it amazing that after dealer incentives and a down payment, after you add in the extended warranty and gap insurance, the amount you finance is automagically dang close to the original price of the car!  Needless to say, payments are quite a bit higher.  But I'm happy, I got exaclty what I wanted.  And I'll have pictures up soon.

Alright, on to more fun stuff!  Mini movie review:  The Protector: B (lots of fights, no plot); Hollywoodland: B (Good story, somewhat good acting); Jet Li's Fearless: B+ (lots of fights, decent plot -- the fights actually made sense storywise).

The fall TV season is well under way.  It's nice to have new episodes of Smallville, Supernatural, and Doctor Who again....Oh, and Battlestar Galactica.  I haven't picked up many new shows.  I think the only one I'm watching on a regular basis is Heroes on NBC.  A couple of the new Fox comedeis are pretty good, but they have lower priiority on the Tivo than other things.  I've really got to get me a dual tuner Tivo.  Maybe for Christmas.

That's all I can think of for now.  Dojo life is still going good, work life is still going good, church life is finally started up again.  Just a minor snag with the accident, and what's life with out a few little snags once in a while?

 July 30, 2006

Huzzah!  OK, I think I have to make it a point to update the blog more often.  I know of one person who reads it, so I must give him material to read!  In fact he enquired about my last entry; about Apologetix in particular.  I let him have a copy of the "Jesus Christ Morningstar" CD (my favorite CD of theirs to date).  This is the third person I've gotten interested in the group.  Can't beat that!  

Mini-vacation all set for August 24-29 (my vacation hours are prorated, so I only get half my regular vacation this year, since I didn't start full time until June).  Family reunion and the Minnesota Renaissance Festival is going to make for a very full five days.  It should be fun though.

Quick and dirty movie reviews: X-Men 3: B- (the worst of the three), Superman Returns: B+ (It's Superman!  'nuff said), Pirates of the Carribean 2: A- (Not as good as the first one IMHO), My Super Ex-Girlfriend: C+ (Fun comedy, good special FX, too many "adult" jokes for kids), A Scanner Darkly: C (I really didn't like it as much as I thought I would; It loses points on story, the animation was at least a B).

I'm still meaning to put togeather a little Doctor Who perspective.  I've only got the first two episodes rewatched though.  The Doctor Who Confidential show that's included with the box set is really nice behind the scenes look at the show.  Oh, and I should probably put a warning here: The linik to Doctor Who takes you to the official BBC site of the show, and they're way ahead of pretty much everyone else on the show, so there may be spoilers about (I do like the new look of the Cybermen; I can't wait to see that show!).  There's no announcement yet from Sci-Fi if they're going to pick up the next season though.  My fingers are crossed.

Speaking of Sci-Fi:  I am enjoying their new original series Eureka (OK, it's only had two episodes, but hey so far, so good)., and the Stargates have started their seasons.  Kind of bummed that we have to wait until October for Battlestar, but it does keep space free on my Tivo not having to record so many shows.

Oh, and the official black belt award ceremony hasn't happened yet (the belts aren't in yet).  I'll let y'all know.

OK, I think that's enough for this time.  Catch y'all later!

June 29, 2006

Lately I've been into a band called Apologetix. They're a Christian parody band.  They take mainstream songs form the '50s on up to today and put Christian inspired lyrics to the music.  Some of them are clunkers, but for the most part the parodys are pretty good (How can you not get into a parody of the Village People song YMCA that uses the Hebrew name of God, YHWH?)  Check them out, they are really good (I've already made one convert at work).

Doctor Who has finished on SciiFi, and apparently the ratings were really good for the series.  This bodes well for season two to be bought by SciFi.  That makes one very happy Doctor Who Fan.

My knee still isn't 100%, but I am taking classes again.  Well only if the classes don't involve Judo.  My knee still hurts a bit when I squat, and you have to squat pretty low to do Judo throws.

American Express has hired me on full time.  My official start date was June 12.  I'm very happy about that.  I've been kind of pushing for that for about a year.  Things just kind of fell into place recently.  Now, if I can just save up enough money to buy a house........

May 28, 2006

Slowly, but surely getting data entered from about 10 years worth of Minnessota Renaissance Festivals.  I have also been doing the Firestorm Index at the Grand Comics Database.

May 20, 2006

Yikes!  I haven't done a blog since March!  I had meant to do a weekly update on the new Doctor Who, but now I think I will just throw together a separate review page since the 1st series is almost done running on Sci Fi.

OK, now for the reason there hasn't been many updates.  Getting ready for the black belt test took up a lot of time!  It was a good time, and I got things really sharp.  The test itself was on May 13, and although I twisted my knee (again) during the test, I'd completed enough of the test that I could be evaluated.  And I did pass the test!  Here are pictures of the test and the subsequest belt award.  There will be an official ceremony in June, so more pictures are forthcoming.

March 6, 2006

Olympic thoughts: I loved the fact that there's more olympic coverage than when I was a kid (gotta love cable!), but I think there's a point where its overload. Unlike say a decade ago, there was no way anyone could have watched every olympic broadcast. It is great to have choices though; since I don't really care for figure skating, I could watch something else (like curling....I spent a lot of time watching curling). So here's hoping they continue in that direction.

The next expansion for Sims 2 was out last week. Open for Business has been kind of fun. I still haven't cracked how to actually make money with any of the businesses I've opened, but I'm working on it. As always, Sims 2 is fun. It's great to be able to control the lives of so many sims!

Feb 8, 2006

Yes, it's been a while....

Jars of Clay played in Phoenix last night at the Celebrity Theatre. What an awesome concert!!!! Celebrity is a smaller venue. The stage is in the middle, so there's seats all around the stage, and the stage rotates. I don't think there's a bad seat in the house. That said, I was in row 7 in a section that only had only one more row in front of that. Excellent view of the stage, and very energetic concert. The band played all the songs I was hoping they would; including "Waiting for the World to Fall" from the Narnia CD and "God Will Lift Up Your Head" from the Redemption Songs CD (No worries about them playing "Flood" -- I think they have to play that one in concert ;) ). I just may have to get my lazy self off to more concerts (I'd forgotten how fun a live performance can be).

April 15 is the new date floating around for the black belt test. Practice is in full swing. I'm at the dojo Mondays and Thursdays now for an extra couple hours of practice. Things are getting better, but I'm glad the test is still a ways out.

January 17, 2006

Happy New Year!!!!

It's been a while since my last update. Vacation and work got in the way! Anyway, The Chronicles of Narnia rocked! I enjoyed the movie a lot! King Kong was OK, too, although I thought it dragged on a bit, particularly the jungle portion. By the middle of of that sequence (3rd or 4th giant animal attack), I was thinking, "OK, seen that already. Let's move on."

SciFi Channel has picked up Dr. Who for March! I'm very excited!

Practice for the black belt test is getting into full swing. We're shooting for end of March now. It's good to have a date....I'm more likely to keep up with practices that way.

OK, that's it for now. Catch y'all later!

December 8, 2005

Good news for Doctor Who fans!!! The DVD of the Christopher Eccleston's season will be available in the US! I'm not sure what having it go direct to DVD will mean for it getting on TV over here, but at least some of us fans can see what appears to be a good series! The price tag of $100 is a little steep, but I'll search around online before I buy.

It's getting closer to my Christmas break. I'm really looking forward to that. Also, tomorrow's the day the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe premieres. I really, really want to see that! I've only seen one review so far, but the reviewer liked it. After the holidays, we will be really gearing up to get ready for our black belt tests. There's just me and one other person that I know of so far that'll be testing....everyone else is too far behind in class hours/sparring hours. It's going to be a lot of work....but it will be nice to get that done. :)

It looks like my pages are starting to show up in some search engines. I noticed some pages here on MSN's search page, and there are a few on Yahoo's search. Google also know I'm here, it just hasn't indexed any pages yet. I won't show up in a Google search until I do.

December 4, 2005

Greetings! I just picked up the last Petra album ever. Entitled "Farewell," it is a live recording of one of the concerts on their farewell tour. After 33 years, Petra is saying good-bye, and what a good-bye it is! All my favorites are here, including "This Means War," "It is Finished,"The Coloring Song," and many others. This is a very nostalgic album for me...Petra has been my favorite band since I first discovered them in the mid-1980s. And while I didn't like a lot of their more recent efforts (with the exception of "Jekyll & Hyde"), they will always be the band I point to as my favorite. Rock on!!!!

November 28, 2005

Well, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. Mine was very good. I played lots of Sims 2 and worked a bit more on my comic book collection (I need to get one more set of 5 comic drawer boxes so that I can file the stuff that's not already in the main collection). I've freed up enough floor space that I'm looking at getting a bookcase for the bedroom so that I can get books off of the floor, thus freeing up more floor space.

I also decorated for Christmas during the weekend. I got my Christmas tree set up, as well as some outdoor decoration (nothing too fancy). I even set up my Advent candles this year; something I haven't done in, like, five years. I even finished up transferring all my Christmas music CDs to MP3 so that I can put them all on my iPod shuffle.

Alas, I didn't get as much reading done or as much TV watched as I wanted. I did get some so I am happy. I am almost done with Prince Caspian, and I'm hoping to get that done before December 17. Then I can borrow Harry Potter, Book I from my sister and read that over winter vacation.

November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I saw Harry Potter 4 last weekend, and I liked it. I think I am now planning on reading at least the first Harry Potter book during this year's Christmas vacation (I'm also still in the middle of re-reading the Chronicles of Narnia which I hope to get more read this weekend). The only preview I saw that really stuck out in my mind was the preview for the King Kong remake. I'm looking forward to that one, but not as much as the Chronicles of Narnia.

I've got no major plans for the holiday weekend. My latest shipment of comic drawer boxes arrived yesterday, so I plan on finishing up getting my collection in the new boxes. And entering more comics into ComicBase. Also lots of reading and watching TV. It's been years since I've seen Black Adder, so I have the first season DVD coming from Netflix which should be here today! Woot! I'm also several weeks behind on several TV shows. Thank God for Tivo! There are also several projects I'm in the middle of and would like to move forward on those too.

November 17, 2005

Updated my Quest for the Grail page. I added a list of 20 cards that would have been in the expansion had it came about. Check out the page for more information.

LOL I still don't show up in search engines. Which isn't a big deal, I guess, but it'd be nice if people could find stuff. Guess I could ask (beg) friends to add links to their pages, but that just doesn't seem right. ;)

November 16, 2005

I just added a Sims 2 page where I'll put downloads of some of the houses and commercial lots I've created. Most of these will be based on various buildings from old and current Dungeons and Dragons material (modified somewhat since medieval times didn't have indoor plumbing).

This year's Minnesota Renaissance Festival pictures are up. They're not on this site, but are viewable at Yahoo's photo sharing site.

November 2, 2005

I saw an extended preview of the Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe last weekned. This movie looks very good! I also picked up some new CDs this weekend. I am liking Music Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia My favorite songs so far are Waiting For the World To Fall by Jars of Clay, New World by tobyMac, and Turkish Delight by David Crowder Band, but the whole album is worth listening to.

September 28, 2005

It looks like the November test may be postponed until after the first of the year (probably February). Those of us practicing are not feeling ready for the test. Practices are going well, and I am getting better at my self defenses, but there's a lot of stuff on the test, and I do have a long way to go to get ready. An extention seems like the best thing right now.

September 6, 2005

Back from my summer trip to Minnesota. Had a great and relaxing time. Got a lot of reading done (although not as much as I'd have liked). Visited with family that I don't get to see often enough. And, of course, the Minnesota Renaissance Festival. I have pictures and will be putting them up as soon as I get a chance. Hey, how often do you get to see me in costume? :)

Other news. the Mercury demo went well, although one of the guys took a bad fall. He's OK, but may be out of class for a while. Practice for November's test starts in earnest now. I'll be talking with others who are testing at the same time to get in extra practice sessions. This is the big one, and everything has to look very, very good!

August 15, 2005

Wacky times! The Mercury demo is this Friday. We're all putting in extra time to get ready for this. It should be a lot of fun.

This year's update for ComicBase is out, and I recieved my copy last Saturday, so I spent the weekend playing with that and updating my collection. The best part of this year's update? The weekly updates to comics that came out that week. That'll save me time entering comics, since all the skeletal data is there (the only thing they don't record is the inker and the date I entered the info in). so I got about 100 comics updated into my database! About four hours of work! But fun, and it kept me from spending time in any MMORPG I play. Now I just need to get those issues bagged and boarded. Sorting in the official boxes will come later. ;)

Vacation time's also getting close, and I'm really looking forward to that. A week of nothing to do but read and watch TV! Plus the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!

July 22, 2005

Whew! Been a while again hasn't it! Anyway, I saw Fantastic Four when it came out. Pretty good, but nowhere near as good as Batman Begins. The inevitable sequal will probably be better (at least I hope - given that Spider-Man 2 was a bit better than Spider-Man 1). And if they don't screw things up, the Batman sequal will definitely be as good as Batman Begins.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was also quite enjoyable. Johnny Depp is really quite a good actor (lots of actors just play themselves in movies, but Depp can actually make you believe he's a pirate or a wacky chocolate factory owner).

I'm not sure what I'm gonna see next at the theatres. The next big movie appears to be The Dukes of Hazzard, which I doubt I will see, but you never know. The Brothers Grimm at the end of August looks pretty good, so I'll definitely see that! Looks like it might be time to catch up on some Tivo and Netflix DVDs!

June 20, 2005

A bit late, but I just wanted to let y'all know that Batman Begins is an excellent movie! Very true to the comics. The story is excellent and the visuals are great!

Practice for the Mercury demo starts this Friday. The demo is going to be a bit of the old and a bit of the new, so it should be a little fun!

Also got my tickets bought for my end o' August Minnesota trip. Woot!

June 9, 2005

Not much of an update. Just chugging along with life. Got back into Star Wars Galaxies after a year of not playing. Well, to be honest, I only got back in because a friend joined up after he saw Episode III. I'm not going to be into it too heavy this time (I hope); there's still too many Sims lives to control! LOL!

Things are also gearing up for my dojo's demo at the Phoenix Mercury game on August 17. That basically means in the next couple of weeks or so, there will be extra practices to get ready for the event. The event itself is kind of fun. You just gotta remember not to look at all the people in the stands!

May 23, 2005

Star Wars!!!!! I saw Episode III opening night and again last night. Mini-review: It's good! It really brings the Star Wars saga full circle. All the little elements linking this movie to Episode IV (the original Star Wars) were really cool! And who wouldn't like Yoda smackin' around the bad guys? :)

TV shows are wrapping up for the season, and I have no dojo duties this week, so I'm hoping to get some other projects of mine worked on. I'm way behind cataloging my comic book collection, and I'm in the middle of getting lists of D&D 3.5e feats, monsters, spells, etc. together (which I will be posting on this site; see what I have together so far for feats). I'm also hoping to spend a bit more time with my Sims and running around the World of Warcraft, especially with a three day weekend coming up.

May 17, 2005

Yes, I made 1st degree brown belt!!!!!  Now to start getting ready for the black belt test!!!

May 16, 2005

I'm going to turn this page into an infrequent blog, so enjoy!

As a first entry, last Saturday (May 14) was my 1st degree brown belt test (the third in a series of three). I think it went very well. In fact it went so well, that I'm sure I passed. I will find out later today if that's the case. If I did pass, then it's on to black belt! Huzzah!!!!

Circa 1996

Well, what is there to say about me? For one thing, I've finally graduated from SCSU, and I've moved to Phoenix, AZ for a job. Phoenix is great; I've made a few friends and my job at VTI is great. As soon as I can, I'm going to locate the local SCA group and continue participating in the current middle ages (I really miss fencing, you know).

Any comments or suggestions, e-mail me at jschultz@softhome.net

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