Sir Jeffrey's Review of the 1997 Arizona Renaissance Festival

Well, this is my first year at a Renaissance Festival other than Minnesota's. So, I thought I'd let everyone in on my thoughts about it. Now keep in mind that I'm a nine year veteran of the Minnesota Festival, so I'm probably a little biased.

First of all, let me say that I really enjoyed it. There was plenty of stuff to do and lots of food to eat (plus vendors selling mead, of course - YUMMM!). The joust was great (the one in MN feels more like a real fight, but the one here felt more correographed; although the AZ Fest had bleachers! Which is great for the spectators), and of course various stages with lots of fun acts from juggling to music (I didn't really get to see many acts though; too busy taking it all in). Below are some pictures I took at the festival. Enjoy.

This is the Entrance Gate - Note that to the right of the picture a cut off of a costume rental place (which is kind of hard to see in this small size). Just kind of cool. Hadn't seen that in Minnesota.

A knight at the joust. These knights weren't as armored as the knights in Minnesota. Maybe that's why I felt the joust was more choreographed.

Picture of the grandstand - the king sat in the upper floor.

One of the falcons on display at the falconry show.

The vulture that was shown at the falconry show.

One of the hawks on display at the falconry show.

The king's parade.

A living history group.

Leaving the festival.