Medieval History Links

Medieval history is one of the most interesting periods to study. Knights were in there glory and Arthurian stories became popular (and where would we be today without King Arthur?). The Labyrinth is a medieval history home page and has a lot of information about the period. The Unofficial Federation of the Wars of the Roses Link page has many, many medieval links for you to explore. Heraldry got its start when armor clad knights needed to keep track of each other on the battlefield.

For an example of medieval artwork, check out The Book of Kells

On a related note the SCA is an organization that tries to recreate medieval/renaissance history. This group maintains many files concerning medieval history.

Being interested in medieval history, I'm always looking for new links to this fascinating time. So look for this page to have new links frequently.

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The medieval history page was written sometime early Sept. '94 by Jeff Schultz