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[IMAGE] Renaissance Festivals attempt to recreate the feel of the Renaissance period. There are festivals held around the US (and in Canada, I believe). The list is quite extensive, but you'd get the idea how many of them there are. Minnesota has its own Renaissance Festival held every year from mid August to the end of September. One of the acts that perform there is the Minnesota Traditional Morris Dancers one of the many groups of Morris Dancers around the country. Fencing is an art that got its start during the Renaissance. It's also pretty fun.

I went to Arizona's Renaissance Festival this year. I had a good time (but then I always do at Festivals).

More Renaissance Festival Help

For more information on Renaissance Festivals you might try Banshee's Renaissance Faire page, which is a general introduction to Renaissance Festivals. According to new information, Susan's Faire Page is inaccessible because the server it was on is no longer a server. An Alta Vista search produced only those pages that have links to the old site. So.... it looks like the page no longer exixts and the link is now closed.

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