The 2007 Arizona Renaissance Festival Part 1

Yes, part one.  I'm planning on going again on March 24 with some other friends.  These pictures, though, are from my February 18 trip with a group of friends from work, and one friend from the dojo.  So you'll see lots of pictures of them.   No pictures of me, though....I was the only one with a camera.  As always, click on a picture to see a (much) larger version of that picture.

This is also commemorating my 10th annual Arizona Festival; 20th annual festival in general (except for 1996 when I didn't get to any festivals; I'd just moved out here after the AZ festival was over, and couldn't get back to MN for the MN Festival -- I opted for Christmas instead, so sue me.  But we'll just call it a calendar reform and still say 20th annual festival).  Pictures from my first Arizona Festival are here.

Enjoy!  Huzzah!

Sir Jeffrey

The Festival Beginnings:

The outer gates of the village

The Royal court

I think I've seen these people
somewhere before

From rags to riches?

Learning to juggle

What's a parade without
a pikeman?

The Ded Bob Sho:

Hey, audience!

Bob's play; always the
same except for the ad

The Clan Tynker:

The Feast!

Feast Friends!

Pre-feast entertainment

'Tis the sheriff declaring
the feast open!

Feast entertainment.  
Can't go wrong with
dinner and a show.

The Queen's entourage

Belly Dancers

The Green Man:

The Joust!

OK, she was cute

The announcing of the
King and Queen

'Tis the King announcing
the joust open!

The knights come out.