Alphabetical List of Feats for Dungeons and Dragons 3.5

This is a compiled list of feats from a variety of D&D 3.5 sources (with more to come).  This is stored in an Access database and is from a report generator.  The source abbreviations are:

PHB 3.5 -- Player's Handbook
DMG 3.5 -- Dungeon Master's Guide
MM 3.5 -- Monster Manual
RoS -- Races of Stone
CW -- Complete Warrior
CD -- Complete Divine
CAr -- Complete Arcane
BoED -- Book of Exalted Deeds
BoVD -- Bood of Vile Darkness
Drac -- Draconomicon (No data here yet, I'm currently [May 2005] entering data into the database)

Feat List

Name Type Source

Ability Focus General MM 3.5

Acrobatic General PHB 3.5

Agile General PHB 3.5

Alertness General PHB 3.5

Ancestral Knowledge Racial RoS

Ancestral Relic General BoED

Animal Affinity General PHB 3.5

Animal Friend Exalted BoED

Anvil of Thunder Weapon Style CW

Arcane Defense General CAr

Arcane Disciple General CD

Arcane Mastery General CAr

Arcane Preparation General CAr

Arcane Strike General CW

Armor Proficiency (Heavy) General PHB 3.5

Armor Proficiency (Light) General PHB 3.5

Armor Proficiency (Medium) General PHB 3.5

Armor Skin Epic CW

Arterial Strike General CW

Athletic General PHB 3.5

Augment Healing General CD

Augment Summoning General PHB 3.5

Auspicious Marking Racial RoS

Awesome Blow General MM 3.5

Axespike Weapon Style RoS

Axiomatic Strike General CW

Battle Caster General CAr

Battle Hardened Racial RoS

Bear Fang Weapon Style CW

Black Lore of Moil Metamagic CAr

Blind-Fight General PHB 3.5

Boar's Ferocity Wild CD

Bonus Domain Epic CD

Boost Spell Resistance General BoVD

Boost Spell-Like Ability General BoVD

Born of the Three Thunders Metamagic CAr

Brew Potion Item Creation PHB 3.5

Burrow Friend Racial RoS

Cavalry Charger Tactical CW

Celestial Familiar Exalted BoED

Celestial Mount Exalted BoED

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