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[DRAGON] This is the room where Sir Jeffrey relaxes with friends and plays rpgs, chess, and other games. The room is littered with all kinds of reference material for role playing games as well as board games galore. Feel free to look around.


This section needs some reworking and the links need to be checked and updated.  In the meantime, check out my compiled list of Dungeon and Dragons 3.5 Feats.  This list will only be from sources I own, so there may not be what you're looking for.  I do own a lot of sources though, so have a look.  Also, as I'm compiling a lot of stuff in an Access database, there will be other lists coming.  So be on the lookout!
New to the castle: Check out another work in progress. A compilation of Monster Encounter Tables

I've allso been busy trying to convert old modules to 3.5 (possibly to run someday, but more as an exercise to see if I can do it).  The conversion manual from AD&D 2E to 3.0E is still on Wizard's site, but there doesn't seem to be a direct link to it.  In case you still need to convert from 2E, here's the link.  I may be putting up the document here if/when it's no longer available on Wizard's site.

RPGs (Role Playing Games) are games where you, the player, take on the role of another person and react to situations that the character is put in. There are many RPGs out on the market. The most popular, of course, is Advanced Dungeons and Dragons. I haven't played it for a while, but I still use some of the source material.  The HERO system is my system of choice. Killer Shrike's website has a lot of information on HERO System stuff, as does Michael Surbrook's site.  I am currenlty playing in a 3.5 D&D campaign.  I"ve been slowly making homages of the characters in HERO System stats.

In Nomine is a game of Angels and Demons fighting the War of good vs. evil put out by Steve Jackson Games. I've started my own timeline of In Nomine events that is based on references from the main books.

Laurent (a member of the In Nomine mailing list) has provided a list of female first names, male first names, and last names for printing to have handy at the gaming table.

Collectible Trading Card Games

I no longer play collectible card games.  I'm sort of into the D&D Miniatures game.  I do have quite a few models, and do some buying on eBay.  I have not played yet; there doesn't seem to be as active a playing group for minis as there is for card games.  I am looking though.

Card games I played in the past:

Magic: the Gathering, Star Trek: TNG

It's time for Redemption, so check out my homepage for this new card game.

If a Biblical CCG is not your idea of fun, there's also Quest for the Grail, a CCG based on the legends of King Arthur.

I'm working on my own Illuminati: New World Order page. INWO is a trading card game dealing with conspiricies to take over the world (an obvious past time for a knight). It will be under construction until further notice. Eventually, this will contain:

The Sims 2

Check out the new Sims 2 Download Page

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The game room was built on 5/14/95 by Jeff Schultz