INWO: Discordian Society Deck

Discordian Society P: 7/7

You have +4 on any attempt to control Weird groups. Your power structure is immune to attacks from Government or Straight groups, and to all special abilities from these gropus.

Special Goal: Any Weird group with a Power of 3 or more counts double toward your total number of groups controlled.


Note: All these groups have Weird as one of their alignments except for TV Preachers and Madison Avenue. A plot card included in the deck will change these alignments to Weird, at which time they will count towards the Special Goal.

* These two groups automatically count towards the special goal. Plot cards included will make other groups count toward the special goal.



(1) This card is used to give a group the Weird alignment permenently. There are
two in the deck because there are two non-Weird groups in the deck.
(2) California needs to be protected.
(3) Helpful to get rid of unwanted NWOs
(4) Ups a Weird groups Power to 4, thus making it count double
(5) Ups SLA's Power to 6, thus making it count double
(6) Ups the Power of either SCA or AAA to 6, thus making it count double
(7) Ups Intellectual's Power to 6, thus making it count double
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This page was written by Jeff Schultz