This page is dedicated the the collectable trading card game Illuminati: New World Order. This is a game of political and social satire which is very fun. The cards are funny (just check out Empty Vee (a parody of MTV) or Bjorne (a purple viking dinosaur)), and the game plays well. I have a list of cards. There is also some charts concerning the cards. Some inventive people have come up with their own versions of cards, and a kind soul has put them all together in a nice list.

Assassins is now out, and it looks like a nice set. The new Zap!, Attribute Freeze, and Paralyze Plots make for some really interesting deck ideas. I can't wait to incorporate Sufficiently Advanced Technology (give a Science Group Magic, or give a Magic Group Science) and Blinded by Science (Goal to get six Science Groups) into my Network deck.

For some really cool deck ideas, check out The INWO Deck of the Week page.

Sample Decks

These are some sample decks I've come up with. There will eventually be a deck for each Illuminati (that way I can play an Illuminati based on what I feel like playing at the time). Also note that some decks may be better built with different cards; I agree with this but I can't very well build decks with cards I don't have. I'd also like to limit decks to cards that I have multiple copies of (I'd like to have a nice collection of cards); this means that most decks will be made up of common cards.

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The INWO page was written sometime in the winter of 1994 by Jeff Schultz