An Unofficial Timeline for In Nomine

This is an attempt to order the events mentioned in In Nomine and source books into chronological order. I've made some speculations as to certain events that could have happened but haven't been mentioned yet. There is also some speculation on dates (even the expanded writeups in Night Music didn't give precise dates.

Also, Evolution theory hasn't been made "official" in the In Nomine universe; although there have been references to the universe being billions of years old. My take on this: The Day/Age theory of Creation. Because of this, I won't attempt to date any pre-history stuff.

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Page references use the following abbreviations:

God creates the universe

God create Yves (IN: 134)

God creates other higher Angelic beings (speculation - Since Yves isn't a part of the regular "earthly" Choirs, I'm assuming there are other Celestials in the higher Heavens.)

God creates Michael. (IN: 130)

God creates Lucifer.

God creates Beleth, Gabriel, Janus, and Saminga (All listed as one of the first Angels created.)

God creates the world/man/Garden of Eden/Lilith (speculation - assumes the Celestials were created first.)

Lucifer refuses to bow to man (speculation - assumes this is what causes Lucifer to fall.)

Belial serves Gabriel.

Lucifer convinces other Celestials to follow him.

The Heavanly War.

Micheal defeats Lucifer in single combat ending the Heavenly War. (IN: 130)

God makes Micheal the Archangel of War. (IN: 130)

Lucifer and his followers are kicked out of Heaven.

Lucifer grants the Word Fire to Belial.

Lucifer tempts Eve causing the Fall (speculation - probably was some other Demon.)

Adam and Eve kicked out of the Garden.

Servitors of Gabriel posted as guards to the Garden.

Lilith given the Word Freedom.

David and his servitors teach humans building techniques (speculation - David's servitors did this and it makes sense that they started after the Fall.)

Cain murders Abel.

The Grigori assigned to watch over humanity.

The Grigori take human mates. This brings the Nephallim and the Children of the Grigori into existance.

The Grigori removed from Heavanly society.

Dominic sets up the Divine Inquisition. (speculation - assumes Dominic already has the Word Judgment and something major had happened beforehand. I put it here instead of after the Heavanly War because of the possibility that the Celestials didn't think it could happen again.)


3500 BC: Saminga watches Gilgamesh. (Date is speculation)

2697 BC: Saminga is in China watching the Sage Kings. (speculation: No date is given in Night Music. A web search turned up this date.)

2610 BC: Saminga is in Egypt watching Cheops. (speculation: No date is given in Night Music. A web search turned up this date.)

Saminga eventually becomes a mummy-maker.

1800 BC: Saminga creates his first undead. (speculation - assumes Saminga had quite an army by the 1500 BC date given in Night Music. This date is 300 years (also mentioned in Night Music) before 1500 BC.)

Saminga is chased into the desert by the Egyptians.

1715 BC:Dominic tries Micheal; God aquits him. (IN: 130 TM: 5) (speculation - Date is guessed at from the many millenia ago given in Micheal's right up and is one thousand years earlier (mentioned in The Marches) than Uriel being taken into a higher heaven.)

1500 BC: Egyptians remove the brain during mummification to prevent the deceased from becoming undead.

Saminga made ruler of Abbadon.

1 BC: Gabriel announces birth of Jesus.

Laurence created.

Laurence given the Word Sword.

629 AD: Gabriel recites Qu'ran to Mohammed. (Date found on the internet.)

Dominic tries Gabriel for heresy.

Gabriel leaves Heavan in a fit. (Presumably adopting present female form.)

715 AD: Uriel starts purging mythical creatures.

745 AD: Uriel removed to the higher Heavens; Laurence made an Archangel.