Let's Quest for the Grail

Sir Jeffrey has been really excited about the Collectible Card Game called Quest for the Grail. Quest is a game of Knights of the Round Table performing quests so that they become worthy enough to try to quest for the Holy Grail. This page will provide information about the games as well information that I think will enhance someone's enjoyment of the game.

Even though I haven't been into CCGs for a long time, I still wanted a complete set of this game.  Early 2004 I completed a set of Limited Edition cards (Lots of eBay auctions, and lots of luck).  I'm slowly completing a set of Preview Edition (eBay auctions for this game is becoming quite rare). I also have 20+ playtest cards from the expansion that never came out that I won off of eBay.  If anyone is using Card Vault, I have the Limited Edition completed and am slowly getting Preview cards an playtest expansion cards into the Card Vault format.  I'm also working on the D&D Minis game for Card Vault working from the original owners files (the current files are 2 minis sets behind, and there hasn't been an update in about 6 months.  I'll probably put those up too when I get them done).

This was Stone Ring Games official Quest for the Grail web site which obviously isn't being updated any more, but there's still some useful info there. If you would like to know more about the legends behind the various cards, check out the concordance.

Around 2004, or so, I won an eBay action that were playtest cards for the first expantion that never happened. The cards that I won are:

So, there you have it. Kind of a nice set of cards. It looks like at least one new mechanic, the Seasonal Event, would have been added to the game with that expansion. Looks like a kind of interesting mechanic.

Below are some cards I came up on my own. Enjoy (Oh, send all comments to Jeff Schultz)

Animal Companion
+3 Strength
Ryence's Mantle
May only be undertaken by a Warrior King. The King undertaking this Quest cannot undertake any other Quest until this Quest is complete. The King must challenge a King from each player to Combat. If the King undertaking this Quest is defeated, the Quest is over and the King loses 2 Valor. If the King undertaking this Quest defeats a King from each player, that King gains 3 Valor. Treat all combat as Formal Combat.

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