It's time for Redemption

Yes, it is. And Redemption is a new collectable trading card game published by Cactus Games Design, Inc. It is a game with a Biblical theme; all cards use Heros and Villians from the Bible and each card has a Bible verse printed on it.

The game itself is very easy to learn (the rule book takes up only 10 pages; and that's including a two page glossary). As I have only 100 cards right now, I'm not sure about how strategy and the cards fit together, but hopefully this will come with time and more cards.

The rule book is very sparse; they forgot to tell you when and how many cards to draw each turn, and they left out some points that may be obvious to figure out (like what happens if you make a rescue attempt and your opponent has no opposing forces), but should have been included. There is a faq that answers some of these questions.

Rules Summary

The game itself is very simple; rescue Lost Souls from your opponent, and the first one to rescue five (5) is the winner. You do this by taking a Hero from the Army of God and putting him in the field of battle (Some cards allow you to bring an extra Hero along). Your opponent then chooses a blocker from his Evil Forces. Then you and your opponent play Enhancement cards on your characters (these increase the characters power and/or defense). You then determine who wins. The loser discards his/her character if it dies (in a tie, both characters are discarded, but you still rescue the Lost Soul). In other words, any time an Evil Character dies a Lost Soul is rescued.

Analysis of My First Two Starter Decks

Not sure what to make of the mix I got. For one thing I'm not sure of the rarity of the cards. For another, the mix is wild. There are apparently only seven (7) different Lost Soul cards. My Lost Souls were in the exact same place in the decks (From the guy holding his hand out a prison door which was the first card in both decks, to the little kid sitting in a field which was the second to last card in both decks). Also, each starter had these cards: The Son of God, Angel of the Lord, Shield of Faith, Breastplate of Righteousness, Sword of God (I think, I'll check later), and Christian Martyr. If these cards are uncommon or rare, I'm not sure why there would be one in each deck.

Well I've learned some things since the above was written. There are cards that can only be gotten in the starter decks (The Son of God is one of these). This is the reason the mix seemed a little off. The card list has more information with respects to this.

Icons and Brigades

Each card has an icon (except for Lost Souls) and each Character belongs to a brigade. An Enhancement card can only affect a Character of the brigade that the Enhancement belongs to (Blue Enhancement cards can only affect Heros belonging to the Blue brigade,

These are the icons and brigades

Also note that some cards are multi-colored and can be played in any brigade. The Lamb and Grim Reaper cards are limited to one of each named card (i.e. you can have two cards with the Lamb icon, but you can't have two Son of God cards). Also interesting is that Characters don't appear to be limited, so you could have multiple copies of Mary, for example.

The redemption page was written on 8/21/95 by Jeff Schultz