This is the room of the Wizard of Links

The Wizard of Links takes care of many things. For example, she keeps track of weather patterns. (I need to know these things to make decent sieges you know.) But her main job is to keep track of magical links to places other that the Castle Web. She does this with the use of a crystal ball. She is quite friendly and will let anyone look around.

Several links here are way out of date, and so some major clean up has been done on the links.

The Wizard of Links Weather Information

Check out today's weather for Minneapolis (home state), Miami (previous residence), or Phoenix (residence before and after Miami).

The Wizard of Links Love Connection

For all you lonely people out there, the Wizard of Links would like to connect you to Christie's Internet MatchMaker so you can find your perfect match. Be forewarned though; the first time in takes forever to set up because you have to answer a lengthy questionnaire. Also, they are now charging for the service (you do get something like 5 hours free). That's kind of too bad, it's a nice service.

The Wizard of Links Other Links

Knowing that a castle can get stuffy and boring sometimes, the Wizard of Links has links to other home pages. Why don't you check them out?

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The weather wizard's room was built on 5/14/95 by Jeff Schultz